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European Street Rod Association


Why do you start collecting old gas station nostalgia? that’s a question I get a lot.


It started with me asking a hotrod friend that had a store (he’s parents had it before him) if he had old commerce signs from the 60ties, ice cream, sodas etc. He didn’t have that he said.

After a couple of weeks he phoned me and said he’d seen some Esso signs at the addict above the store and he asked if I was interested in these. Guess my answerJ.

 I hurried to his place and behind the trusses we found the Esso-roof sign plus a big Esso-pool sign. It had been taken down in 1972 and then stored at the addict.


This was in the autumn in 2002 and then it’s just been keeping going with different bargains (I’m not sure if my wife thinks the same).


When we started building the building I was supposed to have 10 m2 for my gas station and the rest a garage for our hotrod, filling these 10 m2   didn’t take long and I thought that 10 more should be enough… well it took about 3 month and then that was full also. Hmm more space wouldn’t hurt, the hotrod can stand somewhere else, I thought and then we started to build a cold storage and car port for the rod and other cars.

Well the exhibition has grown a bit every year so for the moment the collection is taking up the space of the hole of the garage part of the building its start to get a little cramped but I’m still looking for the ultimate find to my collection you are very welcome to visit the museum any time!



Then we got the idea to start a homepage ( where you can see pictures and commercials mostly from Sweden, if you use the Google translation it can be a little easier to understand!

 If you have something that will fit in the museum or homepage

 I am very interested of every gas brand not Esso alone from pre 1970

See home page 

Best Regards

Krister Lindblom/Essomannen


Thanks Krister

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