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European Street Rod Association


Mathias Stutt's 29 Tudor Sedan


I'm from Germany, and i found my '29 Tudor Sedan

After I saw American Graffiti a long time a ago ( a really long time ago- nearly 35 years ago in the cinema)

I swear that I would have a Hot Rod for myself, someday. Nobody here in Germany knew what a hotRod was then.

"Now a "few" years later, after owning some other us cars like a '66 Mustang and others,

I think it time to show that we here in Germany have got hot rods too.

" this is a 1929 Ford Tudor Sedan, with a Ford 302 HO, Edelbrock 600 doublepumper carb,

With a 270° competition camhaft and a GT40 Turboswirl heads,

an MSD on a C4 automatic transmission, 8"rear with coil overs and a 4" dropped tube front.

It's an all-steel Ford on an original boxed frame with grey glass, black leather interior an BMW M3 seats in it.

The car has vintage air (heat and climate)".